Location: Shanghai, China

Time: 2020

Products : CV 1.5

1.Light control system can automatically adjust the LED display’s brightness according to the change of indoor and outdoor lignt. Low power consumption and environmental protection cam greatly reduce your running cost.

2.Hign refresh rate and hign gray scale which can make the image more vivid and meet the requrement of high visual enjoy for commerical usage.

3.The advertising content on LED display can be changed at any time, and the screen can play different advertising for different customers.With functions of double lines and hot backup, two computers can control one piece of display screen at the same time. When one of the computer does not work , the other one can replace it automatically to ensure the normal work of the screen.

4.High-efficient fiber transmission system greatly reduces the signal delay because of far transmission distance and ensures the consistency of the image.

5. All the information which played on the LED display can remote control. You can only chick the mouse to change thae content on the screen to realize the city’s and regional unified administration of advertising exhibition.

6. With network control, so you can be in one place to control several LED display in different cities and change the content you want to play at any time.

7. Equipped with environmental monitoring system, you can know the running situation of LED display at any time and anywhere.

8. Equipped with multi-function card, it can realize switch on or off the LED display at any time using software timing or manually to realize no need people to monitor.


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